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I used to do these Top 5 Wednesday posts a lot back in my blogging day so I thought I would do one to get back into the swing of regular book blogging!

This one is right up my street, it's called Independent Ladies! Which is about your top 5 leading ladies that didn't get distracted by their love interest, this isn't the absence of a love interest altogether, it just means that he wasn't their main story focus in the book.

1. My first pick is The Tough Princess by Martin Waddell, Princess Rosamund is my earliest feminist icon, she is told by the King and Queen to go and find herself a wealthy husband because they're poor and need the money, but Rosamund doesn't need a prince to rescue her so she goes out slaying dragons and rescuing Prince's but rejects them all because they're all too much of a ninny for her, she is definitely a woman who doesn't need a man, and that's why she's my number one pick!
2. My second pick has to be another icon of mine, Elizabeth Bennett (not all of my icons are fictional, I promise), obviously people know Pride and Prejudice best for the love story with Darcy, and that is a huge part of the book, but not the main part for me.
The main part for me was discovering who she is as a woman, and how forward-thinking she is for the time and clearly different to a lot of the other women around then who mostly just thought that marrying a rich man mattered more than anything else.
3. Christine from How To Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern is my next independent woman, she runs into Adam in very unusual circumstances, on a bridge when he's about to commit suicide, and to save his life she asks him to give her a couple of weeks (until his 35th birthday) for her to show him that life is worth living.
The story does technically revolve around her trying to help Adam realise this, but actually the story is stolen by Christine and her relentless pursuit to help this man she doesn't even know, whilst trying to keep her own life on track too.
4. It'd be hard to do this list without mentioning Karou from the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, she's straight out of a punk fairytale with her blue hair and strings of teeth, but aside from her appearance she has to tolerate a lot during the course of these books, romance aside, she puts herself through hell for the good of other people (and not-so-much people..) which makes her story with Akiva fade into the background compared to her struggles and triumphs.
5. Finally, Jess from Jojo Moyes' book The One Plus One is a woman who has to put up with a lot, but she does it with such incredible positivity that it makes you wonder how she does it! She does have a romantic interest, Ed, but he isn't really relevant to her story and he has his own things going on so as much as they do help each other out their stories don't overshadow each other, they compliment each other rather than one rescuing the other.
Jojo Moyes is such an amazing writer of characters, it's such a strength of hers and the reason she's my favourite author.

So that's that! This was fun! I'll be sure to check the topic for next weeks and if it's something I'm interested in and can think of 5 answers for then I'll do this again.
If you want to check out the categories or maybe join up for yourself then you can find the topic on Goodreads, link here.

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