Back, and Still Book-ish.

Well, it's been a while!
I sort of abandoned this blog, life got in the way, all those normal kinds of excuses and I fell off the reading bandwagon a little bit, but no more! I'm back with a vengeance, and I thought why not start up my blog again.
Blogging is one of my favourite hobbies (after reading, obv), I have had allsorts of different ones over the years, currently the only one I have active is my vegan food blog *shameless plug*link here*shameless plug* so I think there's room for another one in my life!

I also have much easier access to books now as I'm working in a bookshop (I know..dream right?!), I actually work in the cafe of said bookshop, but it's just amazing to work surrounded by so many books, 8 year old me wouldn't be able to believe it!

This post isn't going to be ''about'' anything in particular, it's just basically to get me back into the swing of typing things about books again.

I'll post my first post soon, but until then, keep reading!


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