Payday Wishlist!

Hola ice cream sodas!!
Today I thought I'd do a wishlist, as I'm totally skint until payday but that just makes me more determined to plan my purchases for when I DO have money!

These will be the first books winging their way to my Amazon basket as soon as my pay goes into my bank account!! 
If you want to check out all the books on my Amazon wishlist the link is here.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
Synopsis - Oz has turned into a savage dystopia under Dorothy s rule and now a new girl from Kansas must take her down. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz meets Kill Bill in this edgy, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Somewhere over the rainbow...something has gone terribly wrong. A twister has hit Kansas again, and this time it whisks away a girl named Amy Gumm. At first, Amy is thrilled to have left her trailer park life behind. But instead of the magical land where troubles melt like lemon drops that she knows from the books and the movies, she discovers the place has been destroyed. And it s all Dorothy s fault. Amy soon joins up with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked a group of deposed witches and warlocks who are determined to end Dorothy s oppressive reign, and who need Amy's help. They teach her the secrets of witchcraft and combat and then they give her an impossible mission: steal back the Tin Woodman s heart, the Scarecrow s brain, and the Lion s courage. And when she s done, Dorothy must die.
I've had this on my wishlist for a while and I think it sounds like such a cool book! 
There's been some controversy surrounding the publishers of this book but I'm not bothered about that, the writer isn't to blame for any dodginess her publishers get into, she still has to make a living, and this book intrigues me so I'll definitely be buying it! 

The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern
Synopsis - Jasmine loves two things: her sister and her work. And when her work is taken away she has no idea who she is.
Matt loves two things: his family and the booze. Without them, he hits rock bottom.
One New Year’s Eve, two people’s paths collide. Both have time on their hands; both are at a crossroads. But as the year unfolds, through moonlit nights and suburban days, an unlikely friendship slowly starts to blossom.
Sometimes you have to stop still in order to move on…
I'm a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern, I've read all of her books so when I heard this one is coming out in October I added it straight to my wishlist!
I'll be pre-ordering it when payday rolls around so I get it on the day of release (thank you Amazon Prime!!).
I love the cover, it's stunning!

Harry Potter Signature Edition Box Set by J.K. Rowling
Synopsis - Harry Potter is an ordinary boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs at his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's house, which he thinks is normal for someone like him who's parents have been killed in a 'car crash'. He is bullied by them and his fat, spoilt cousin Dudley, and lives a very unremarkable life with only the odd hiccup (like his hair growing back overnight!) to cause him much to think about. That is until an owl turns up with a letter addressed to Harry and all hell breaks loose! He is literally rescued by a world where nothing is as it seems and magic lessons are the order of the day. Read and find out how Harry discovers his true heritage at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, the reason behind his parents mysterious death, who is out to kill him, and how he uncovers the most amazing secret of all time, the fabled Philosopher's Stone! All this and muggles too. Now, what are they?
I think we all know what Harry Potter is, I've only read the first one and I really enjoyed it so I'm going to invest in the full box set! I love these covers and the whole set, including a snazzy box, is only less than £30 on Amazon, so it's cost effective to buy the set instead of each book individually...or that's what I tell myself anyway!

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott
Synopsis - Tella's brother is dying. He's got cancer, and Tella is helpless to save him. Or so she thought. When an invitation arrives for Tella to compete in the Brimstone Bleed, a deadly competition that will lead her through treacherous jungle and scorching desert, she doesn't think twice. Because the prize is a cure to any illness. But Tella will be facing more than just the elements..
I think this sounds so compelling, sort of on a similar vein to Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, both of which I really enjoyed.
It is apparently a cross between Pokemon and The Hunger Games, which is possibly the bizarrest description ever! 

Legend by Marie Lu

Synopsis - Los Angeles, California.
Republic of America.
He is Day.
The boy who walks in the light.
She is June.
The girl who seeks her brother's killer.
On the run and undercover, they meet by chance. Irresistably drawn together, neither knows the other's past.
But Day murdered June's brother.
And she has sworn to avenge his death.
I've heard SO much about this book from fellow book bloggers and booktubers, it sounds really intriguing and I love the cover (shallow I know) so I really want to buy it so I have it on hand to read when I get the urge.

And that's my, fairly modest I think, book wishlist! I'm sure I'll buy a lot more than is on this list but hey, I can dream I can show restraint can't I?!
Toodles! x


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