I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk.

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Time for another review, this is the sequel to I Heart New York which I've previously done a review on as well, link's here to that review.
I will say, if you haven't read I Heart New York then I wouldn't read this review, just because it might have a few spoilers in it!

This book carries on from the first one, Angela Clark is happy with her boyfriend Alex, her job is going great and she's living with her best friend Jenny Lopez in New York.
Angela's boss calls her into her office and tells her some amazing news, that she wants her to fly to Hollywood and interview the hottest star in the world, James Jacobs! 
Think Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling, Angela is understandably completely excited to get this opportunity!! 

But then she starts to wonder if it's a good idea to leave Alex when their relationship is going so well, she wants to go but she also wants to stay with him, but most of all she wants him to want her to stay!
But when she mentions it to Alex he makes it clear she should go, and Angela is left feeling quite confused about what to do.

But when push comes to shove, (particularly when her friend Jenny shoves her to go) Angela doesn't pass up on the amazing opportunity and off she pops to Hollywood!

When she gets there she is met with disaster from the get-go! 
Her interview gets suspended, then she goes out and gets hideously drunk and whilst drunk she gets a call from James Jacobs' PA to say that she can come and interview him..NOW..whilst drunk...as you can imagine, this doesn't end well!
As a consequence, some rather compromising and misleading photos of Angela and James turn up on the internet, and Angela sets about trying to convince her boyfriend and her boss that nothing is going on, before she loses Alex and her job!

I still love Angela, she is a very endearing character and I love her narrative.
At certain points in this story I was irritated by her though, I thought she could have handled some situations better and dug herself deeper into trouble with her behaviour.

Also her relationship with her best friend Jenny is tested quite a lot in this book, they end up fighting a few times and Jenny gets a bit out of hand with her behaviour, I understand why she does it as all becomes clear at the end, but whilst you're reading it you start to think Jenny is being really unreasonable with poor Angela!

Once again the descriptions of the outfits and the shopping trips really appealed to my girly side! 
The part where she's shopping and Jenny convinces James to buy them both amazing Miu Miu shoes is a dream come true for any girl!!

The big twist later on in the book regarding James isn't something I saw coming at all, and I really enjoyed the turn the story took! 
Overall, this was a really enjoyable book and a great fluffy read, definitely perfect for the upcoming Summer months!
Rating - 4/5

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