Book Un-Haul!

Hello bookabillys!!
This is a first for this blog, I'm actually getting RID of books instead of buying more!! 
I've been buying so many books lately that something's got to give! I need to clear a bit of space on my bookshelves, as my space is limited! 
First up!!

 Girl In The Mirror by Cecelia Ahern
Synopsis -
Girl in the Mirror
Lila knows how lucky she is to have found the man of her dreams. But when a secret from her family's past comes to light on her wedding day, her destiny changes in the most unexpected of ways…
The Memory Maker
They say you never forget your first love. But what happens when those cherished memories start to fade? Some people would do anything to hold on to the past and, for one heartbroken man, that means finding a way to relive those precious moments…
I read this book a little while ago, and I didn't really enjoy it, I'm a massive fan of Cecelia Ahern but this book just didn't light my fire!! It was too confusing and disjointed, it has her usual lovely writing style but the stories just didn't add up! So I'm shipping it off to a charity shop, where someone else can purchase it and get as weirded out by the first story as I did!!

Slam by Nick Hornby
  Synopsis - Sam is sixteen and a skater. Just so there are no terrible misunderstandings: skating = skateboarding. There's no ice. Life is ticking along nicely for Sam; his Mum's got rid of her rubbish boyfriend, he's thinking about college and he's met someone. Alicia.
Then a little accident happens. One with big consequences for someone just finding his way in life. Sam can't run (let alone skate) away from this one. He's a boy facing a man's problems and the question is - has he got what it takes to confront them?
I've had this book for a long time, I like Nick Hornby books but I just don't ever see myself reading this, the synopsis doesn't interest me at all and I only bought it because it was on offer 5 books for £1 in my local charity shop! 

The Twelve by Stuart Neville
 Synopsis -
Sooner or later, everybody pays.
Gerry Fegan, a former paramilitary contract killer, is haunted by the ghosts of the 12 people he has slaughtered. Every night, on the point of losing his mind, he drowns their screams in drink. His solution is to kill those who engineered their deaths.
From the greedy politicians to the corrupt security forces, the street thugs to the complacent bystanders who let it happen, all are called to account. But when Fegan's vendetta threatens to derail a hard-won truce and destabilise the government, old comrades and enemies alike want him dead.
This book sounds interesting, but I'm not a big crime thriller reader so I just don't think I'd ever get round to reading it! The front cover is pretty creepy too haha.

Triptych by Karin Slaughter
  Synopsis -
When Atlanta police detective Michael Ormewood is called out to a murder scene at the notorious Grady Homes, he finds himself faced with one of the the most brutal killings of his career: Aleesha Monroe is found in the stairwell in a pool of her own blood, her body horribly mutilated.

As a one-off killing it's shocking, but when it becomes clear that it's just the latest in a series of similar attacks, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are called in, and Michael is forced into working with Special Agent Will Trent of the Criminal Apprehension Team - a man he instinctively dislikes.

Twenty-four hours later, the violence Michael sees around him every day explodes in his own back yard. And it seems the mystery behind Monroe's death is inextricably entangled with a past that refuses to stay buried ...
I really don't know why I picked this book up, it sounds super scary which isn't really my bag, especially not when I usually read books before I go to bed, that's a recipe for bad dreams and sleepless nights!!
Apparently these books are quite descriptive so it would be pretty grim to read.

Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter
The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is jolted into panic when Sara Linton, paediatrician and medical examiner, finds Sibyl Adams dead in the local diner. As well as being viciously raped, Sibyl has been cut: two deep knife wounds form a lethal cross over her stomach. But it's only once Sara starts to perform the post-mortem that the full extent of the killer's brutality becomes clear.

Police chief Jeffrey Tolliver - Sara's ex-husband - is in charge of the investigation, and when a second victim is found, crucified, only a few days later, both Jeffrey and Sara have to face the fact that Sibyl's murder wasn't a one-off attack. What they're dealing with is a seasoned sexual predator. A violent serial killer...
 The synopsis of this one sounds like an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which I love don't get me wrong, but I think reading it is so much more personal than watching a story like this on TV, so for the same reason as Karin's previous book, I won't be reading this so best to give it away!

So that's my un-haul!! Not as many as I'd like to be giving away but I guess I'm lucky that I mostly own books that I want to keep and read!!
Hope you're all well!
Toodles x 


  1. karin slaughter is my fave author, triptych is amazing

    1. Her books sound intriguing, I'm just too much of a wimp to read them haha x

  2. How are you getting rid of all these books? I must admit, the fact that your giving away a Nick Hornby book breaks my heart a little. Haha! x

    1. Making room for ones I'm more excited about! And if I give them to charity then at least someone else can pick them up and get some pleasure out of them, better than me hoarding them and never reading them, win win! :) Oh dear, I'm sorry haha he is wonderful, I love Long Way Down, but this plot just doesn't grab me!! x

  3. Slam is such a gorgeous cover!! So is that Ahern book! Lovely books.

    1. Yeah the Ahern book is beautiful, pity the inside isn't as beautiful haha thanks for the comment :) x


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