Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

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I'm bringing to you a review today, and an exciting one for me! I've been meaning to read a classic novel for ages, and in my library haul a few weeks ago (link here) I picked up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
I love romantic novels so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up one of these classic romances rather than a more serious book like Dostoevsky!

SynopsisMr and Mrs Bennet live with their five daughters. Jane, the eldest daughter, falls in love with Charles Bingley, a rich batchelor who takes a house nearby with his two sisters and friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy is attracted to the second daugher, Elizabeth, but a bad account of him is given to Elizabeth. He and Bingley's effect the separation of Bingley and Jane. William Collins, cousin to the sisters and as only male, heir to the Bennet estate, proposes to Elizabeth but is rejected. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth but she refuses. When Elizabeth travels north she is invited with friends to Darcy's place in Berbyshire, and thinking Darcy is absent she goes. However, he is there and she is surprised by his much-improved manners. She hears news that her sister Lydia has eloped with Wickham, an unprincipled adventurer. With Darcy's help the fugitives are found. The attachment between Bingley and Jane is renewed and leads to an engagement. In spite of the insolent intervention of Lady Catherine, Darcy and Elizabeth become engaged.

I'd heard a lot about Mr Darcy, particularly from Shannon from CozyTeaReads on Youtube and let me tell you, he didn't disappoint! I wish I could have read this book without knowing basically the whole plot, because surely everyone knows what the plot is for Pride and Prejudice and who the protagonists are!
But how amazing would it be to read these classics without knowing anything, as if they were new publications?
Anyway, I'm getting off topic!
I was sold on Mr Darcy the moment I read this line;
'' 'I am afraid Mr Darcy', observed Miss Bingley in a half whisper, 'that this adventure has rather affected your admiration for her fine eyes'
'Not at all' he replied; 'they were brightened by the exercise' "
They were talking about the fact that Elizabeth had walked miles in the rain to see her sick sister at Netherfield, where Jane was staying, and Miss Bingley was trying to turn Mr Darcy against Elizabeth because she could tell he was falling for her, but Darcy remains completely undeterred.

I loved the fact that Darcy didn't shout about his affection for her, I always think that's way more attractive than someone shouting and hollering how much they love someone (usually by the medium of Facebook these days, another reason I'd have preferred to be alive in Pride and Prejudice days!).

Elizabeth Bennet herself was a wonderful lead character, she's strong and witty and always stands up for herself but not in a nasty, loud way, she always puts people in their place with a witty retort or just by plain speaking, the scenes at the end between Lizzy and Lady Catherine are the best to show her determined and strong minded nature.

As for the other characters, Jane Bennet, Lizzy's sister, is a sweet, kind-natured woman who has a wonderful rapport with her sister, they seem like great friends as well as sisters.
Mrs Bennet, their mother, is overbearing at times, she wants the best for her daughters but in a monetary way, her first thought isn't always for their happiness with a husband, more of how the husband will provide for the family once Mr Bennet, their father, is dead.
Case in point is the situation between her daughter Lydia and Mr Wickham, I won't spoil the plot by giving away what happens but let's just say Mr Wickham is not all he's cracked upto be when he first appears in the book, but despite the terrible things Wickham does Mrs Bennet forgives him immediately when he offers her daughter his hand in marriage.
Mr Bingley is Darcy's best friend and the owner of Netherfield, also the apple of Jane's eye! He is a lovely person, never has a cross word for anyone.

The book was a great read, nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, but I did find some of the language going over my head at times!
Also there was a lot of 'filler' to the book, some stuff that I found a bit boring like descriptions of buildings and rooms and to be honest I found my eyes skimming over that stuff, maybe I was just too in love with Mr Darcy and wanted to get to the next entry with him in it!?

I'd definitely be interested in reading more classics, particularly Jane Austen!
Rating - 4/5


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