Friday Reads #6!

Hello booky-bon-bons!!
Time for my Friday Reads!
I'm still reading The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, I'm just over 300 pages in and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, the character development and detail is brilliant, you really get to know the characters, near the start I didn't like a few of them but as the book goes on and you find out more and more about them you grow fonder of them and it feels like a really organic process.
Jojo Moyes' writing is faultless, she captures emotions and feelings like nobody else!
She puts so much detail into every character and without it feeling like a chore she makes sure you learn everything about the characters.
I'm hoping to finish this book this weekend but I'm away on Saturday night for my friends birthday so it might not happen!
Toodles! x


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