Feature & Follow Friday #1

Hi guys!! 
This is a blog hop that I'm taking part in called Feature & Follow Friday, it's hosted by the wonderful Alison Can Read and Parajunkee's View and basically helps other bloggers get in contact with each other! 
This is a bit different to other blog hops though as every week a blog gets featured on each of the hosts blog, so be sure to head over to there and see which ones have been featured this week! 
Also every week there's a new question you can answer, this week it is;
Late April Fools, what's the best prank you've played, or had played on you?
Well me and my friends don't play a lot of pranks to be honest! But one good one I did play on my friend Frances once was that I took a picture of me wearing a short, hideous wig, if you're in the UK you'll know what I mean when I say I looked like Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street!
Me and my other friend Emma sent her a picture and we pretended I'd had my haircut like that, and she fell for it!
My friend Emma even pretended to bitch about my new hair to Frances behind my back to make it more believable, Frances is quite gullible so she fell for it hook, line and sinker!! haha.

Feel free to join the blog hop, more the merrier!!


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  2. I love hair pranks -except the depilatory in the shampoo-
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  5. Awesome prank! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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