I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk.

Hello lovelies!
It's Fridayyyyy! Seems like just yesterday that I was doing my Friday reads post, isn't time going especially fast?! It'll be Christmas again before we know it, and I'll be hoping for lots of lovely books under the Christmas tree ;).
Today I'm doing a review of one of my favourite books of the year so far! I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk.
I got this book free with a magazine years ago, and I never got round to reading it! But I heard MissBudgetBeauty from Youtube talking about it and saying she really enjoyed the book so I thought I'd give it a go, I love girly books!

As you may or may not know about me, I'm called Angela, and my starsign is Libra, and the same goes for the protagonist in this book! I felt an instant connection with her when I read that, and almost felt like I was reading about myself at times because her character is quite similar to mine too!

She's a funny lead character, Angela is a modest, average girl with an average relationship when something not so average happens to her, she stumbles upon her fiance having sex with another woman in her car, and what's worse is that she's at her best friends wedding at the time! And it turns out that her friends that's getting married has known all about this other woman all along! 
So Angela, feeling rightfully betrayed and angry, goes on to cause a scene, shout and (accidentally) break the grooms hand!

So, naturally, after crying herself to sleep and peeing somewhere that she shouldn't (but I'm oh-so glad she did!), she sets off for the first English-speaking place that she can get a plane to, which turns out to be New York city!

With only an overnight bag containing a pair of Louboutins and some jeans (what more does a girl need?!) she touches down in New York, gets in a cab, and stops at a gorgeous hotel with Jo Malone candles burning in the hallway and male models working as bell-boys, any single womans dream! (I'm not even single and it's my dream!). 

I won't spoil it anymore, but basically what happens is she meets the coolest of all best friends (and a part-time basketcase) Jenny Lopez (not that one!) and two of the dreamiest men to ever grace the pages of a paperback!
I love the descriptive style of writing that Lindsey Kelk has, when she described peoples clothes, the dates Angela went on and, most importantly, what her dates looked like, I really felt like I could see them in my minds eye.

This is quite a long book series, I've read book two now so I'll be reviewing that shortly, but I Heart New York itself stands alone as a great book as well as part of a series. 
The characters are endearing, except her rat of an ex-fiance of course! 

This isn't a life affirming read by any means, it's not going to test your ideals or challenge your faith, it's not Tolstoy, but it's a massively fun book, I hate it when people look down on books because they're not intellectual or serious, this is a romp of a book that will make you smile and I couldn't have enjoyed it more!
Rating - 5/5


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