February Wrap-Up!

Hello lovely people!!
Time for my February wrap-up!! I finished 5 books last month, which isn't bad! 
The one that isn't pictured above is Ant & Dec's autobiography ''Ooh! What A Lovely Pair!'', as I've already shipped it off to a charity shop haha.
But I will say that it was a lovely read, Ant and Dec are two of my favourite people on TV, and it wasn't a ground-breaking read, nothing spectacularly interesting has happened in their lives but it was just lovely to read about their success and their friendship, I gave this one 3 out of 5 on Goodreads.

Just One Day by Gayle Forman
This is a story about a girl called Allyson, who goes on a post-graduation trip with her school around Europe, and along the way she meets Willem while he is performing with an alternative Shakespeare drama group and they strike up a connection, so much so that when he proposes a spur of the moment trip to Paris, she agrees! Despite the fact she isn't a risk-taker at all, she grabs the bull by the horns and goes with him, but is loves young dream really all it seems?

I bought this book because it was the book of the month in the Chick-Lits Goodreads group I'm a part of, and I'm so glad I did! It was an amazing read, I was sucked into Allyson's excitement and trepidation about her Paris trip with Willem, because it's the dream being whisked away to Paris by a handsome stranger really isn't it? But that's all it is, a dream, if it happened in reality we'd all be terrified!!
Half of this book is set on the day that they have in Paris together, and the rest of the book is set in the ''aftermath'' of their day together, it's told from Allyson's POV, but the sequel Just One Year (which I also own, but haven't read yet) is told from Willem's perspective.
Rating - 4/5

Girl In The Mirror by Cecelia Ahern
I'm not even sure how I can describe this book of two short stories, one of them was a story about a little girl whose grandma is blind, but has always had all of the mirrors in her house covered up, fast forward 15 or so years and this little girl is getting married, and she's getting dressed at her grandmas house.
Naturally when you're getting ready for your wedding day, you want to look in the mirror, so the girl thinks that it won't do any harm to uncover the mirror just this once...but when she does she uncovers more than just her reflection.

The second story is about an old man who'd created a machine that could let you go back in time and change one mistake that you made in your life, but he was very picky about who he let use his machine.

To be honest, I didn't get these two stories, I'm a massive fan of Cecelia Ahern but I just felt like these two stories were so weird and lacking any point! Maybe I missed the point of them, but I don't fancy going back and re-reading it to check.
The writing style was the same brilliance I'd expect from Cecelia, but it was just the stories I found lacking any structure or point.
Rating - 2/5

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
This story is about a girl called Cather, she has an identical twin called Wren (Cather...Wren, get it?) and they're just about to start university! But there's a problem, Cather and Wren have always been joined at the hip, they do everything together, but suddenly Wren decides that she wants her own space, she doesn't want to share a dorm room with Cather and she stops taking any interest in their Simon Snow fan fiction (which is basically a Harry Potter-esque book series that everyone is obsessed with in the Fangirl world).
This book follows Cather as she tries to avoid making friends (she fails) and tries to avoid living any sort of life other than the one she lives in the virtual pages of her Simon Snow fanfic (again, she fails).

This book was fantastic! I'd heard a lot of hype around it and after I was left fairly unimpressed by The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I was a bit wary of overhyped books, but this was not overhyped at all, it was as good as its reviews!
The characters are the best thing about it (aside from maybe that funky front cover, gotta love a bit of mint green!), particularly Levi and Reagan, Levi is the cutest man on the face of the planet, insisting he gives her lifts places, insisting he walks her across the campus at night to keep her safe, giving her free Starbucks (this alone makes him marriage material), how she didn't guess he was into her sooner I don't know!
I also loved her father Art, he was a conflicted character with some problems, but he really loved his girls and you could tell that.
Overall this book was a revelation, and I would recommend it to anyone!
Rating - 5/5

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
This book is the sequel to The Maze Runner, and it's set after our protagonists escape from their Maze prison, they think they've got back to civilisation and that they're safe from now on...but how wrong they are.

I can't really tell you much more without spoiling the story, but this sequel is WAY more action packed than its predecessor! 
Over every page there is some new threat, danger or attack waiting to happen, I was gripped by it! 
It's a bit more violent than the first book too, so if you don't like descriptions of people being burnt alive or having their heads knocked off by massive steel bowling balls then this book might not be for you!
Rating - 5/5

There we have it!! This was a really successful month, I loved almost every book I read, roll on March!! I hope it's even better than last month :)
Toodles! x


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