The Book Buying TAG!

Hello fellow booksessives!! 
I've seen a lot of these tags floating round booktube so I thought I'd give one of them a go because I always enjoy watching them!

1- Where do you buy your books from?
I buy my books from Amazon mainly! I find their prices are always the best, and if you have Amazon Prime then you can get next day delivery for free so there'll be no long wait for your book!
I also buy some from The Book Depository and I find that charity shops and supermarkets are also great places to buy books from, just today I bought three books for £5 in Sainsbury's!

2- Do you ever pre-order books and, if so, do you do this instore or online?
I've pre-ordered only a couple of books in my time, and these have been ones I've reeeally wanted to read as soon as possible! The last one I pre-ordered was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
I always order them from Amazon again, because you get a pre-order price guarantee, which means that if the price lowers at any point after you buy it, they'll reimburse you the difference, which you can't argue with!
Also, with Amazon Prime the book will arrive on the exact day it gets released!

3- On average, how many books do you buy a month?
I wouldn't say I buy a LOT of books every month, I think so far this month I've bought about seven or eight, which isn't so bad! And I do try to clearout my old books and make room for new ones quite a lot, so I don't get too bogged down in them.
4- Do you use your local library?
My local library isn't the best and it doesn't get updated that much because of lack of funding being put into libraries in the UK, but lets not open that can of worms!!
I read basically every book in the kids library when I was a youngster, and I love libraries in general so if mine ever got more stock in that I was interested in I would definitely go a lot more.

5- And, if so, how many books can you/do you borrow at one time?
I'm not sure how many I CAN borrow, I don't think there's a limit, but when I have been I don't borrow too many at a time just because I don't like to keep reissuing them and dodging fines haha.

6- What is your opinion on library books?
I love libraries, and library books, I think they're a great way to get kids into reading and also if you're trying to get into reading more and you want to try out different types of books it's a great place to go to pick up free books that you can just take back with no hassle or fuss if you didn't enjoy them!

7- How do you feel about charity shop/second hand books?
I've bought lots of books in charity shops and I don't have a problem with it at all, as long as they're in decent condition that's all I'm concerned about! 
8- Do you keep your read and TBR pile together/on the same shelf or not?
Yep, I just keep them all together! I like all my books to play nicely together, no segregation here, my books live in a free society!

9- Do you plan to read all the books that you own?
Of course! I wouldn't buy them if I wasn't going to read them, I don't have the money for those shenanigans haha!

10- What do you do with books that you own that you feel you will never read/felt you did not enjoy?
I don't have any books that I don't think I'll read, but as for books I didn't enjoy, I'd just give them away to a charity shop or a friend! Best to pass them on than just mindlessly hoard them.

11- Have you ever donated books?
Like I said, if I don't enjoy them then definitely! I'd rather pass them onto a charity shop so that someone else might enjoy them than just keep them in my room gathering dust.
12- Have you ever been on a book-buying ban?
Not so far! But I'm fairly new to this book obsession so watch this SPACE....

13- Do you feel that you buy too many books?
I don't think I do, but I suppose it's all relative! I buy way more books than a lot of people I know, but I'd rather spend my money on something like books which are mind-expanding than yet more nail varnishes that I don't need haha.

There we are! My first ever tag :) I tag whoever wants to do this, it's a very enjoyable little thing to do :) 
Toodles! x


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